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This extract is from Neighbors And Friends

Lizzie put her coffee cup down and looked across at her neighbour Carol.
“You are coming to the party on Friday night, aren't you?”
“Oh course, Peter and I are looking forward to it.”
“You have got your costumes sorted out haven’t you?”
“Well .. . . Uh . . .”
“What’s the problem?”
“Well, you did say themed fancy dress, yeah?”
Lizzie smiled and nodded “That’s right, Bankers and Maids.”
“Lizzie, I'm sorry, but I'm a bit confused by that.”
“It's simple really . . . I tell you what, come and look at my costume and then you’ll see what I mean.”
Lizzie grabbed Carol’s hand and literally dragged her mid-twenties neighbour upstairs after her. Once there she turned into the master bedroom that looked out from the bluff over the city.
“Wow. This room is fantastic.”
“That’s why Phil wanted this site.”
Lizzie casually stripped her t-shirt off over her head without regard to the floor to ceiling windows. Her thin white lace bra accentuated rather than covered her breasts and she equally quickly stripped off her shorts too. The thin white matching panties clearly displayed the completely clean shaven pussy mound to her neighbour as she leaned into her dressing room to remove the costume she would be wearing to host the party in the coming Friday night.
Carol’s mouth just dropped open as Lizzie pulled the thin layer of black lace over her body and pulled and pushed the tiny skirt into place. Finally she turned and faced Carol and struck a pose.
“Ta da! Of course I’ll be wearing black fishnets and panties and a little apron and cap to go with it but I think you’ll agree it’s a sexy maids’ outfit?”
“Wow! You look incredible like that. But won’t the bra show through even if it’s black?”
“What bra?” Lizzie looked at her friend and smiled coyly and winked at her. Carol just went red. She continued;
“Susie from over the road will be wearing one just like this in red and usually she’ll not bother wearing the panties either.”
“You’re kidding me!”
“Absolutely not; in fact I expect to lose mine too sometime during the evening. They usually get taken home by somebody or other as a souvenir.”
Carol just looked shocked; stunned even, certainly not the type of party she was expecting. She had gone very pale and Lizzie decided to let her down gently.
“Don’t worry; it’s not some kind of orgy you know. You won’t be tripping over naked bodies in front of the buffet table. Just because Susie, Phil and I, and a few others might have a little bit of sexy fun, it's only teasing really. Nothing will actually happen at the party. Dear God; it can't the Mayor's coming you know. Can you imagine what the papers would say?”
Carol relaxed a little.

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